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First Global Direct offer an extensive range of sales and business development services, from outsourced sales teams, to Inhouse Sales training, Sales team Recruitment, strategic consultancy for improving revenue and growth to improve business valuation and Capital fund raising services.


With a Europe HQ based in UK and its Asia Pacific office in Singapore, the company has evolved from a local Demand Generation Agency to become a Global service agency for Business Development, Sales and Marketing, and Capital fund raising consultancy with outsourced Sales and Business Development Services and a full range of Sales Team Training and Senior Executive Talent sourcing services powered by Microsoft backed Ai globally.

Outsourced Sales and Business Development teams. 

To drive revenue and grow your market share or source strategic investors, we will work closely with you on understanding the product or services selling points, developing scripts and marketing materials, events, projections and reports and act as a trusted advisor when issues arise and continually develop and revise strategies to overcome roadblocks to success.

  • Sales Coaching/Mentoring. 

  • With out established partners we work with individuals and teams to a development plan created to help you excel in a sales or sales management role.

  • Sales Consultancy. 

  • Strategy development, sales planning, interim management and performance appraisal systems.

  • Sales Leadership and Team Recruitment

  • Leveraging on our extensive local, regional and global networks we will help you grow your team with best in market professionals  globally utilizing powerful Microsoft backed Ai Sourcing technology.

Why Outsource Sales Teams?


If you directly hire a Sales Team how much would it cost in salary, advertising, recruiting, onboarding, overheads and support costs, what are all the other hidden costs?

What if they don’t produce revenue to cover the investment?

Costs of hiring a Sales Development Representatives directly

  • Salary, benefits and taxes

  • Recruitment advertising, HR overheads and agency costs

  • Office overhead costs

  • Training time and expense

  • you may need to hire a Training Manager, a Team Manager and additional IT and admin support – how much do all these people cost?

  • Delay from training to revenue generation beginning could be 3 months.

  • Delay from start of employment to revenue produced exceeding Sales executive monthly costs (including overheads/ support staff) could be 6 months +

  • Delay from start of employment of Sales executive to covering ALL salary and overheads including support staff since they started could be 9 months+

  • Retention of sales executives and hiring/ training replacements – more costs and time delays to production of revenue

  • Bad hiring of non-performers – no revenue and needing to fire and hire and training places further costs and delays to revenue generation

Outsourcing experienced sales teams maximizes your ROI and minimizes your financial risk.

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