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People are the biggest business assets to any organization. On the same token, people can also become the biggest business risks and these risks have to be mitigated to avoid consequential damages to the organizations. Organizations need to ensure that the "right" and "safe" talents are identified before hiring. Unfortunately, these organizations still adhere to age-old practice of character reference checks with references provided by the candidates though they realize this is a pointless exercise.

Studies have shown that more than 20% of CVs or Resumes have some form of discrepancies. The discrepancies can be in several areas and hence the need for them to be channeled through different background checks based on the risks associated with their functions or roles to check their "security" and "integrity" levels.


While background screening checks the "safety" level of the candidates, tight employee selection solutions must be in place to ensure the "best fit" talents are hired. In today's world, where there is an imperative talent man-hunt, misfits can cause negative financial impact to hiring organizations. To avoid this, a comprehensive professional interviewing and industry-specific, accountability-specific and role-specific predictive assessments will add value to a large extent. 


Statistics have shown that more than 20% of CVs or resumes have discrepancies and hence it's imperative that a thorough Background Screening and Due Diligence process is in place to sieve out the wrong hires who can be detrimental to your organization. Your candidates and employees need to be of the highest level of "integrity" and "security". Both aspects cannot be compromised otherwise it might cost your organization in terms of reduced productivity, fraud related costs, reputational damages and even a decline in shareholder earnings.

Since the discrepancies can be in several areas, the candidates must be channeled through different background checkpoints based on the risks associated with their functions or roles. A thorough background screening process will greatly mitigate the "security" and "integrity" risks.


Organizations need to understand the following when implementing a background screening strategy:

  • Why and how companies should conduct background screening?

  • What to look out for when working with the right background screening partner as outsourcing this activity is the ideal move. This is really because background screening is an enormous task given the diverse global background of candidates, inherent risks and complexity of country-specific personal data related laws and regulations. 



First Global Direct Technology Partner, Avvanz Screen Global, provide a detailed and auditable Background Screening process and most importantly, compliant with Personal Data Protection Acts. We will recommend the optimal and smart mix of checks that need to be conducted based on the risks associated with your industry, the roles, functions and levels of your human assets.





Please note: For Enhanced Due Diligence on Companies and potential business partners, talk to us on your requirements and we will customize a right approach for you. We need to understand your risk exposure and business needs. Our reports can be for:

  • Risk Management of 3rd parties

  • Assess international business partners

  • Onboarding high net-worth clients - "Know Your Customer"

  • Ultimate beneficial ownership

  • Pre-IPO and M&A or Joint Venture

  • As a key part of a comprehensive compliance program

Letter of Consent

Due to Personal Data Protection Acts or Data Privacy Policies or Fair Consumer Report Acts, a Letter of Consent has to be signed by the Candidate authorizing his/her employer, our background checks partner Avvanz and other sub-contractors involved to access his/her Personal Data. 

Client Management and Operations

Once you order the background checks with, our Client Management Team will work closely with you to address any specific needs and Standard Operating Procedures. Once all the data, documents and signed authorizations have been collected from Candidate, Client Management Team will transfer the information to our service partner Avvanz Operations. Avvanz Operations will undertake the background checking work and will constantly update the quality-checked information to Client Management Team who will in turn update the Background Check Reports real-time. These Reports will be accessible your Case Requestor(s).

For some checks for certain countries, additional information might be required or additional forms might need to be filled. These will be requested of the Candidates when needed. Additional charges might apply if the particular data source warrants it. Avvanz will check with you before going ahead with the check. 

Complete Guide to Background Checks

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