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FGD Strategic Consulting offers a One Stop Solution for the Key areas of Business growth:

- Investment / Finance Capital Raising via Introductions, events, webinars and roadshows

- Outsourced Technology, Hire Development teams for AI, ML, AR, Blockchain, Mobile Apps and more

- Global Executive Search, Selection & Talent Management via W
3 Sourcing


 - Outsourced Sales Teams, Marketing and Research Solutions for Cost and Risk mitigation

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We  work with our clients to plan and execute each stage and distribute projects to our experienced specialist teams and Strategic Partners  locally,  regionally and globally while centralizing  shared resources such as researchers, and sales & marketing teams to combine these keys areas for fast, efficient and cost-effective execution and providing transparent updates and market intelligence every step of the way.

With an Internationally experienced team, strong relationships with advisory firms, PE, VC, investment bankers, consultants, accountants and attorneys and Global Strategic Partnerships, FGD Strategic offer Customized Business Development Strategies from Financing and raising Capital, to acquiring Key Executive Talent utilizing cutting edge AI Hiring / Sourcing Technology you can also gain access to our Experienced Sales Force to drive revenue for business growth and success.

Companies requiring Capital to grow need access to Strategic partners, Investors/ Financiers and the process of finding them is a time consuming and labour intensive one that is effectively handled by our team with backgrounds in Investment Banking and Raising Capital with all the right connections and decades of experience.

Once funding has been achieved the next stage often is acquiring the most important resource - people, this can be time consuming. There is an advantage in using the same organisation for fund raising and recruitment from a cost/ time/ trusted relationship/ business understanding point of view and reducing client costs, we utilize the best in class AI Sourcing technology for further time and money savings we pass on to you.

Many Factors come into play when valuing a company, one of the most critical is Market proof of acceptance in terms of Sales revenue and profit margin. To help growing companies mitigate the cost of hiring and training sales teams we offer an outsourced Sales and marketing service of highly experienced sales professionals to help you drive growth and improve your company’s revenue, profit and valuation ready for the next Investment round.

Our core team are primarily from Corporate backgrounds such as ING, Lloyds Banking Group, Standard Chartered Bank, and VISA. With solid financial qualifications and experience in the Investment industry with qualified CFA’s, Entrepreneurs and Investors, the team and network has Multi language capability and have decades of collective experience in Client Advisory, Business Development taking small family concerns to Multi $m companies, through effective strategies for Leadership Development, High Performance Business development & Sales, and go-to-market planning, strategy and execution by leveraging our connections with;


  • Family and Multifamily offices

  • VC’s

  • Asset Management Firms

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Banking and Finance Institutions

  • Private and Investment Bankers

  • Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNW)

  • Event Partners, Asia CEO community, Social ICE, C-suite exchange

FGD Strategic are Partnered with local, regional and global Leadership and Investors networks such as Asia CEO Community where we hold board positions.

With 8000 Senior Executive Leaders and Business owners  and 900 accredited investors across Asia and Partnered with Similar Groups in Europe enabling:

  • Engagement with Multi Family offices and HNWI

  • Easier Access to decision-makers

  • Find Strategic Partners, Clients and Investors


ACC advertising, sponsorship, and exhibiting packages are designed to provide a solid platform to help you stand out and make an impact. Our programs allow you to achieve your marketing goals and deliver a maximum return on your investment. 

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