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W3 Sourcing is the Recruitment and Human Capital acquisition arm of First Global Direct.

With its core leadership team coming from the Banking and Finance, HR & Sales, and Marketing spaces for over 2 decades and the AI, Digital Asset, and Web 3 development space since 2017 we are experts at sourcing the right Talent in these verticals.


W3 is a specialized agency that focuses on recruiting top-tier talent for businesses operating in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI),  Web3, Blockchain and associated ecosystems. Our team consists of experienced recruitment professionals with deep industry knowledge, and we have a robust network of qualified candidates and clients. We aim to provide the best recruitment solutions to our clients by matching them with the right talent, helping them to build strong teams and achieve their business objectives.

The market for AI and Web3 talent is rapidly growing, with demand outpacing supply in many cases. Companies are looking to build and expand their teams with top-tier talent that can help them stay ahead of the competition. Our agency aims to fill this gap by providing our clients with a pipeline of highly qualified candidates and industry experts.

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